Josh Chrestman


Owner & Personal Trainer

Josh is a native of Sandwich, IL and founded JC Health & Fitness in 2007. He was a wrestling state champion in high school and played Division I football, which lead him to continue his love for sports with his degree in Exercise Science. It was at that time, he realized he could make a bigger impact in many communities by giving people a higher level of health and wellness, in a wholistic package with fitness and nutrition. Fast forward, Josh has been a staple in multiple communities and people’s life’s journeys for over 13 years.

“I have always seen the need to give people, athletes, clients something greater, a better experience, a bigger impact than anything that I was ever exposed to.”

Mandy Denny


General Manager & Coach

Mandy is a native of the Sandwich community, where she continues to reside with her family. She continues to hold track and field records at Sandwich High School, one being the only Female State Champion in the history of the school. She continued her athletic career at North Central College, where she graduated with a Sports Medicine degree before completing her Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology. Mandy continued her love of education as a professor for 10 years at North Central College before joining the JC team!

“I always love seeing the true potential in every person, even when they don’t see it in themselves, and pushing them to experience something greater than they ever imagined.”

Cherri Gustafson


Customer Relations Manager

Have a question regarding any of our services or fitness, Cherri is ready to answer any of your questions. She is often seen around town running toward her annual goal of 1k miles. All these miles gear her up for many of the 50k races that she competes in each year. Cherri started competing in running races at the age of 46 and continues to love every step she takes! When she isn’t running, she enjoys finding new camping sites to travel to. 

“Pain is temporary, pride is forever.”  

Emily Banike


Personal Trainer

Emily has over 20 years of experience working in the fitness industry. She specializes in fitness for the aging population. She loves helping people see and reach their full potential – no matter their age or fitness level. She is a long time lover of running, and enjoys training the novice runner to compete in their first 5k race, along with the experienced runner that wants to improve their marathon time.

“Never underestimate who you are or what you are capable of doing!”

Margaret Geltz


Personal & Athletic Trainer 

Margaret grew up in Yorkville, Il before moving to Sandwich, Il in 2005. She has been involved in athletics her whole life, playing organized sports throughout her childhood into college. That love for sports drove her towards a degree in Sports Medicine/Athletic Training. Being a college athlete reinforced the importance of proper strength training and conditioning for both, during and after athletic careers. Her passion for athletics and fitness drives her to better herself and others in their own fitness journeys. 

“Getting proper exercise and nutrition is not only about losing/gaining weight, it’s about strengthening your body and your mind, and helping you to become your best self.”

Megan Zaleski


Personal Trainer


Megan began working at JC Health and Fitness in 2014. She graduated from Somonauk High School and was on the softball team that won three regional titles, along with being on the state title cheerleading squad. Her additional education in health consists of an Associate degree in Science, along with certifications in personal and outdoor training. Megan’s certifications and experiences has expanded her passion and knowledge of fitness towards all areas of health, where she hopes to help others find what it is their bodies and minds need to improve their quality of everyday life.

“Every single day we are given opportunities to become the best version of ourselves; being surrounded by love and healthy influences make the journey that much more attainable and enjoyable”

Mike Click


Personal Trainer

Mike grew up in Indiana, and after years of organized sports, found that competition pool to be where he excelled. After his competitive swimming days came to an end, he moved into the sport of triathlon, where he continues to compete.  A desire to help others live a healthy lifestyle drove Mike to the Fitness industry, where he works hard to help others find and maintain good health. His deep passion for sports led to coaching and he puts a real focus on being a good role model for young athletes, while helping them exceed their personal goals.  

“Helping clients maintain healthy lifestyles, and athletes be world class teammates, is what I strive to do as a trainer and coach.”

PJ Crotty


Personal Trainer

PJ is a native of Sandwich, IL and a former client of JC Health and Fitness. He was a 3 sport All-Conference athlete in high school and former collegiate football player at North Central College. A passion for health and fitness started in the summer of 2012 when PJ trained a full summer with Josh and added 20+ pounds of muscle, along with a wealth of knowledge on how to work with athletes. PJ was welcomed to the JC team in March 2018 and began his passion of speed & agility programming through research and experience to offer our athletic communities. 

“If our attitude is positive, others will follow. How will you make the people around you better today?-Be Contagious!” 

Jody Henningsen



Jody was an All-State quarterback at Kaneland High School and continued his football career at Benidji State University. After receiving his college degree in Sports Management, he continued his passion for sports by guiding young athletes and adults to understand their potential and be the best they can in all aspects of life.  

“We got one shot at this life, give it 100% in everything you do and you will be amazed at where it can take you.”

Reiter Bird



Reiter earned his Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science WIU. He was a captain on his high school soccer and wrestling team before continuing his wrestling career at Waubonsee Community College. Reiter found his passion for fitness through the sport of wrestling, along with MMA fighting.  

“Don’t let your mind tell your body that you are tired. You are capable to do more than you think” 

Katlyn Quasny



Katlyn recently joined the JC Health and Fitness team. She began competing in sports at the age of 4 and continued competing in gymnastics, volleyball and competitive cheer through high school. Inspired by her love for sports and fitness, Katlyn decided to continue her education at Waubonsee with a major in Kinesiology.

“Don’t miss out on something that could be amazing just because it could also be difficult.”

Christine Conover


Registered Dietitian

Christine is a native of Sandwich, where she continues to live with her husband and son. After working in retail management for several years, Christine decided to switch gears and earned her B.S. in Nutrition from Northern Illinois University and her M.S. in Nutriton and Wellness from Benedictine University. Christine does not believe in a “one-size-fits-all” approach to nutrition, and works with clients to find a plan that is best for their individual needs. She enjoys running and hiking in her spare time and loves trying new foods with her family. 

Phyllis Wallington


Massage Therapist

Phyllis brings her expertise in many modalities and forms of soft tissue manipulation, including Activation Release Technique, Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Prenatal, among many more. She began practicing these techniques as part of the coaching staff at the Olympic Training Center. Phyllis hold advanced degrees in bio-chemistry and toxicology that has allowed her to teach post-graduate and graduate levels. Her background in medicine and sports allows her to provide a unique experience that can improve your performance, alleviate pain, and relieve stress from many activities of daily living.

“It’s all about maintenance of your body. If you don’t maintain it, it will not perform and will eventually fail. I am committed to improving the quality of every life I can.”