Our Staff

Josh Chrestman

Josh Chrestman, a former collegiate football player, chose fitness for his career.  He is nationally certified with National Exercise & Sports Association (NESTA), along with a B.S. in Sports Management.  Josh has been personal training both athletes and the general public since 2005 and opened JC Health & Fitness in October 2006.  Josh is an Unfranchise Owner through Market America, a company specializing in health and nutrition, and the pursuit of a healthier nation one health professional at a time. 

Josh has opened JC Health & Fitness with a dream to help change the lives and futures of a growing population of wellness seekers. As a former athlete at Illinois State University, a two-time team captain wrestling state champion, and an individual state wrestling champion, Josh understands the commitment needed and the training it takes to excel at a high level of performance.  Josh also takes this commitment level through life and the pursuit of the greatest results in his clients.  Josh works with a wide variety of clientele each day including seniors, diabetics, athletes.
Josh is on a life time journey to aid in the ever changing world of fitness.  He will continue to educate himself with a wide variety of national certifications and hands-on personal experience.  

Megan Zaleski

 Megan Zaleski grew up in Somonauk, Illinois.  Her passion for health and fitness grew out of a longtime love of sports.  Upon graduating high school, Megan was a three-time IHSA Varsity Softball Regional Champion, and as a four-year captain.  She helped lead Somonauk’s cheerleading team to an IHSA 3rd Place State Title.  After a break from team sports, she competed in the Mid-Illinois Body Building Competition in the spring of 2014.

Megan furthered her journey in health by achieving her Associates Degree from Waubonsee Community College. She is also nationally certified under the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA).  She prides her programming on giving athletes the opportunity to effectively train at advanced levels before, during, and after high school.  Along with athletes, she enjoys helping individuals in all degrees of health, reach their full potential.  Megan strives to help the general public understand the importance of a healthy lifestyle and to teach how to make positive changes last a lifetime.  

Emily Banike

Emily Banike is a long timeresident of Sandwich where she resides with her children and husband.  As a certified personal trainer with American Council on Exercise, she has over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry.
She has worked with chiropractors and physical therapists to assist in the rehabilitation of injuries and chronic pain.  She continued to evolve her expertise and education by completing a specialized post-physical therapy personal  training course to help her clients get back in the gym after an injury.

Emily specializes in training novice to experienced runners by utilizing running drills along with endurance weight training to increase your speed, distance, and endurance.

Her education continues in pre-natal and post-natal exercises that focuses on maintaining and increasing fitness levels during and after pregnancy and increasing core strength to reduce back pain.

She is also experienced in training the  aging population in the gym and in the pool to help increase strength, mobility, and quality of life. 

Phyllis Wallington, PhD


Phyllis Wallington, PH.D. joined JC Health & Fitness & offers Sports/Therapeutic/Recovery Massage services. She is a former professional athlete and coach at the Olympic Training Center bringing expertise in many modalities of massage therapy including sports, myofascial, chronic pain relief, deep tissue and Swedish, just to name a few. As well as kinesiotaping and training. Phyllis holds advanced degrees in bio-chemistry and toxicology and has taught life and physical science courses at the post-secondary undergraduate and graduate levels. Her background in medicine and sports, as well as her passion for the holistic benefits of massage therapy, allows her to provide a unique experience that can change your life whether you're seeking to improve your athletic performance or relieve the stress from the activities of daily living.  

Phyllis is taking appointments on:

Tuesday from 12:00 to 7:00 pm

Wednesday & Thursday from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm. 

Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Every Other Saturday from 8 am to 11 am  

She offers the following sessions:

30 minutes = $ 32.50 60 minutes = 65.00 90 minutes = 92.50  

She also offers Rock Taping, Cupping and Cold Stone Services.  These are additional services that can be included in a massage therapy appointment. 

Our Staff

David Steinhoff

David is a native of Yorkville, IL.  He grew up playing junior professional hockey throughout his high school and collegiate career.

David found JC Health and Fitness in 2016 and fell in love with the atmosphere and workouts.  The variety  of the workouts and the depth of equipment usage was exactly what he was looking for.

David has lengthy experience with indoor rowing and Olympic lifting and knew that his expertise could be extremely valuable in a setting like JC.  David went through official training and is certified as a Concept 2 Rowing instructor.  This certification was coached by an Olympic gold medalist, Erin Cafaro.  He has held developmental camps for rowing, senior fit classes, Row clubs, and cardio camps.  David also holds his Level 1 Crossfit certification, along with a mobility certification. David joins JC as a trainer.

Mandy Denny

Mandy is a native of the Sandwich community.  She was involved in many sports throughout her high school career and continues to hold many track and field records.  She also is the only female state champion in the history of Sandwich High School.  She continued her track and field career at North Central College where she majored in Athletic Training.  While finishing her degree, she completed many internships, including one with a minor league baseball team.

Mandy continued her academics and received her Master's in exercise physiology.  From there, she began her career as a collegiate instructor at North Central College.  She continued teaching college courses at NCC over the course of 10 years.  She taught in programs for athletic training, exercise science and physical education.  She has taught an array of college courses, including exercise physiology, human anatomy, kinesiology, and program design for the exercise science professional.  Mandy has an extensive background of sports performance training and strength and conditioning programming.  She also has extensive experience is human performance of Olympic lifting.  She continues to hold her certification and license as an Athletic Trainer.  

Mandy enjoys a really good workout and loves to bestow her knowledge of programming in each class she teaches at JC.  She joins the JC staff as a trainer, PR/Community Planner and Lead Marketer.  

Mandy is excited to be part of the JC community growth and progression of individual's health and physical change.  She hopes to help everyone make positive and healthier lifestyle changes.

Our Programs

Level 100

BEGINNER LEVEL - Our 100 level class is designed to teach new members basic functional movement patterns.  We begin with teaching proper use of all equipment, and technique of exercises that will be performed in our 100 level class.  This class level is designed to be a SLOWER PACE and MORE TRAINER INSTRUCTION involved in order to learn proper posturing during these dynamic movements.  All of these skills will be performed at a higher level when you progress on to a 200, 300, or 400 level Class.  Congratulations on beginning your road to a healthier you! PERSONAL TRAINING is always recommended to insure proper technique, baseline weigh In, 7 point measurement, and starting Body Fat %.  This is the best way to insure maximum results for all your fitness goals!   

Level 200

INTERMEDIATE  LEVEL - Our 200 level class is designed to teach new/existing members progressions to the foundation of functional movement patterns.  Our Trainers WILL INCREMENTALLY INCREASE WEIGHT AND INTENSITY for each member to progress and begin seeing results.  200 level classes will be a faster, more challenging pace keeping technique and proper form at the highest priority.   PERSONAL TRAINING is always recommended to insure proper technique, advanced coaching on specific movements that you might still have trouble with, and the best way to insure maximum results for all your fitness goals!      

Level 300/400

ADVANCED LEVEL - Our 300/400 level class is designed to CHALLENGE AND PUSH OUR MEMBERS outside of their comfort zone in order to reach their personal fitness goals!  All of the foundation of movement is built, your mental and physical limits will be put to the test, and you will be PUSHED IN A SAFE AND CONTROLLED ATMOSPHERE.  300/400 Level Class will operate as a team to ensure everyone is maximizing their potential and developing a strong bond together.  You will be required to perform the most challenging movements along with the most rigor combination of exercises.    PERSONAL TRAINING is always recommended to insure proper technique at any fitness level, continue setting fitness goals, and most of all push you to limits you did not think your body could go!