FitWave Group Fitness

FitWave - JC Health & Fitness offers the most robust, individualized group fitness class that will far exceed any goal of yours, called FitWave.  Our FitWave programming is both challenging and exciting, compiled of movements that focus on the functional core (the center of your body’s universe) to allow for all other movements to be natural in technique and performance. 

FitWave Athletics


Athletics FitWave

Our athletic training classes are designed for student athletes as a means of increasing their physical abilities on the court, field or track. We work with athletes in a group training setting for a more individualized approach. This allows each trainer to work with the athletes to focus on their sport on a one-on-one basis . Athletic FitWave focuses on Building Flexibility, Overall Strength/Coordination, and Mental Toughness.  Each class consists on speed and agility work to increase everyone’s performance, focusing on hip and core control.  Every class is finished with a team building test that imitates a 4th quarter or 3rd period scenario that ensures our athletes will be at the top of their game when the game is on the line!  The road to athletic greatness is not marked by perfection but the ability to constantly overcome adversity and failure. 

Sports Performance


Team Training

Are you wanting to be able to compete at a higher level and have an advantage over your opponent(s)?  We believe that every athlete and team, no matter ability level, deserves a chance to engage in competing at a higher performance level.  We see that every athlete has a potential to become a game changer.  In the team training sessions, we increase strength, speed and agility, but incorporate team building experiences that focus on training a TEAM!

Watch Team Training in action in this short video snipped:

Active Adults


Active Adults

Find your community with our active adults classes.    Active Adult Classes are designed specifically for our seniors and the aging population. In this class, we strive to improve quality of life and give you the energy to enjoy your families to the fullest extent.  These classes focus on cardiovascular health, balance, agility, strength, flexibility, and endurance all in a fun, nonjudgmental, and encouraging atmosphere.    

Mommy and Me


Mommy and Me

Give yourself time with your little ones in tow to get active with me!  This class offers a unique spin on your traditional FitWave class that allows for continuous work.  We mix up movements, weights, and implements to engage a total body workout!  Give yourself the gift of time with a little fitness!  Strollers are always welcomed as we teach the importance of health to every individual, no matter their age!  

Specialty Classes


Speed and Agility

 Foot speed.  Hip control.  False step.  Running so much more!  Our speed and agility classes are offered at various times throughout the year that works on the strength needed to develop more controlled movements that increases our efficiency and speed during athletic performance.  We breakdown movements, angles, and muscles to give more of an individualized focus for each athlete to have maximal speed gains.


Girls Club

Find your confidence with our Girls Club!  This class is specifically designed for girls of all ages to enjoy learning about the importance of physical fitness.  We mix up activities to engage and improve balance, flexibility, strength, endurance, and most importantly...confidence and self-esteem!


JC Running Club

Find your pace with the JC Runners.  Runners of all ability levels and varying backgrounds come together to enjoy a running workout and develop a strong community bond as they prepare for future races together.


Couch to 5K

This is an additional program that is offered at varying times throughout the year.  Runners meet every Tuesday for a challenging running workout to prepare them to conquer a 5K a group!